Naples Realty and Property Management helps real estate investors make objective and informed decisions before purchasing an investment property.

We use special software to calculate the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) as well as Return on Investment (ROI) or each investment property before it is presented to our clients.

Investment Goal

This is where we start acquiring data from you. How much you want to invest, expected Internal Rate of Return (IRR), and information such as how many years do you want to maintain your investment. As necessary, we explain the differences between finance options.

Research and Reporting

With our full access to the MLS system, local contacts and our own database we start by selecting properties based on the criteria determined at our initial meeting.

Once we have a list of properties we create an investors report looking at IRR and ROI for both five and ten years. If we have found the right property for you, we move toward purchase.

Inspection and Assessment

As soon as a property or properties are identified for purchase, we schedule a third-party property inspection as necessary, and perform our own inspection and assessment.

As part of our assessment/inspection we get additional pictures of the property and assess the condition of the property. We acquire a copy of the lease (if tenant occupied). If repairs are needed (if vacant) we estimate the expense.

As a rule of thumb you should consider spending between 3% to 5% of the purchase price on repairs. If more substantive repairs are needed, these should be negotiated with the seller.

During this phase we will be promoting the property for and developing a list of potential renters.

Ongoing Property Management

Once the purchase is completed we will prepare the property for the new tenants (if vacant) and complete all the required documentation. As property managers we work very hard to maximize your returns and keep the headaches away. You will receive monthly statements and bi-monthly or quarterly reports of your property.